That's the problem with taking time off a trail. The longer you're off the trail, the more things crop up to keep you off the trail.

It was the same on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2002. Then we called it the 'town vortex'. Now it's the 'home trap'.

You get into replying to e-mails and all of a sudden you're in the midst of a load of things to do. Sending photos to a council. Dealing with work about a training course for when I return. Answering questions from relatives. None of which are truly urgent, but which we do because we can. And before you know it, a day has evapourated.

Or in this case, 45 minutes logged into an internet cafe in Fort William. I've been banished to here while Liz does a food resupply for the next section. Section three of the Scottish Kayak Trail is the shortest and I recommend it's eithe tagged onto Section 2 or, as we hope to do, Section 4. (Route maps).

So... will we escape the vortex tomorrow?


Simon said...

Er, No. We didn't. We're wimps.

wideblueyonder said...

LOL! Hope you make it tomorrow!