Last night's forecast was for even higher winds, up to F8 for two days. In June for goodness!

So we're shuttling again, heading to Mallaig to get the car. Only this time we're not on a bus.


cup said...

sounds like your doing an amazing process with the book

Douglas Wilcox said...

Hello Simon, sorry to hear about the weather. Not on a bus? have you hitched to Armadale then got the ferry?

Simon said...

Hi Douglas

We 'hitched' with the Broons. Came into Kyleakin yesterday to find Mr Broon on the pier.

Hi Cup - We're having an easier time of it than a visitor might, but then we're taking lots of photos and talking to folk which is taking more time than just kayaking.

On the water heading for Applecross on Monday, but then it looks like another monster low is coming through.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Hello Simon, Look out for Jennifer she is camping at Applecross.