We Start Tomorrow

While sorting our food and kit I found myself reading sections of the book I wrote last winter. Now, the day before we head out to Gigha, I must
heed my own advice.

People crossed the Sound of Gigha, the very waters you are about to kayak, five thousand years ago.

They had no GPS, VHF radios, flares or modern protective clothing. Tide tables and tidal stream atlases were unheard of. Instead they lived their lives according to the rise and fall of the sea and the movement of the sun and the moon.

This is the rhythm you need to find. It has probably taken months of planning for you to reach the start of the trail, so savour this moment. Relax into the knowledge you’re no longer completely in charge. You must work with your natural partners, the sea and the weather, because even if you throw a hissy-fit, you’ll not persuade either of them to change their minds. They may allow you to complete the trail or they may not, and this you must accept.

More likely, they’ll throw up a few obstacles, and when you successfully negotiate these your satisfaction will be all the greater.

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