Scottish Kayak Trail - Statistics

We started our journey on 2nd June and did not finish until 7th July, thirty six days later. Yet we only kayaked on seventeen of those days and shuttled on five. Which means we were kicking our heels due to bad weather for fourteen days. We spent more days off the water, shuttling and sitting around, than we spent kayaking.


Chris said...

Sounds like an average hillwalking trip :day on the hill, day getting soaked, 2 days mooching round tea shops waiting for better weather.....

Douglas Wilcox said...

Hello Simon, that is a very interesting ratio. As an employee, I think I will continue taking short breaks rather than committing to a long break.

I possibly get out more than most people but in nearly six years I have spent 104 nights on sea kayaking trips and have only been storm bound on two, (yes two!) days.

I know I have the WWW but I do think this high paddling ratio is due to multiple short trips taken at short notice on a good forecast.

Of course when I retire....!!

Your photos are fabulous!