Start Again Tomorrow - (Hopefully)

If the Lake District has an A-level in raining, Scotland has a PHd. And the West Highlands taught the course.

While not paddling we've been pedalling.
To keep ourselves ticking over we've done an hour a day on the road bikes in some truly awful July weather. How sorry we feel for all those cycle tourists we've seen, panniers laden, hauling their machines up hills and along busy roads in the most un-seasonal conditions. They must never get completely dry. A bit like kayaking.

The low pressure systems have not stopped marching across the Atlantic, but the synoptic charts suggest the next few will pass to the south, giving us a few days light winds.
We've been fooled like this before, but with just one week of our six week break left, we have to try to finish this trail. We've heading north this afternoon with the plan of getting on the water in Gairloch tomorrow morning. I'll let you know what happens.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Good luck Simon and Liz :o)

wideblueyonder said...

Fingers crossed for you!!