Trail's End - Ullapool

We're installed on the campsite in Ullapool.

We made it over to the Summer Isles on Friday, spent the afternoon exploring, and camped on Tanera Mor that night. Saturday the wind was much greater than forecast, so rather than an easy paddle to catch the bus back to Gairloch, we battled against the wind all day and camped on a lovely beach outside the town. This being Sunday there are no busses, but I can catch on at 07.10 tomorrow morning.

So now, fish n chips on the front.


wideblueyonder said...

Awesome - well done to you & Liz! :-)

Douglas Wilcox said...

Great stuff Simon!


Ambassador for Skye said...


Sitting in the Panhandle in Texas, 105 degrees. Switch on my PC look at some of your photographs, close my eyes and I'm in Achiltibuie.Gavin

Simon said...

Thanks guys.

Hey, Gavin, e-mail me your address please.

I have something for you simonDOTwillisATmacDOTcom