Add "Sea" to the Title

The 'Scottish Kayak Trail' will be published as the 'Scottish Sea Kayak Trail'. Which means I'll have to get around to changing the website. No matter.

The ISBN is 978-1-906095-17-8 and the publication date is 12 May 2009. God willing!


Julia said...


You must have had an amazing journey can't even imagine kayaking for so long

Simon said...

Giddy like a school-girl I am. But when I have to hand material over to others to add their input, I'm always cautious about anticipating the changes they will bring.

Franco and Pete will improve on my work, that's beyond doubt, but still - I wonder how it will look when finally finished.

Oh and thrity six days wasn't so long. Not compared to walking the length of the USA which took us five months. Now THAT was a trail.