Four Kayaks, One Roof

I can be delighted by the strangest things. Take this van parked in Tiso's car park, Inverness.

We're getting a van like this at the end of November, but Liz and I can't agree the size of Kari-Tek roof rack we should buy. She says it should be wide enough for two boats, three at most, because that's all we'll carry.
I say it should be able to take four, in case we want to shuttle with another pair. Liz insisted the bars, big enough for four, would stick out past the sides of the van.
Then I saw this van, with a four kayak rig, which did not stick out past the side of the van. 'Perfect', I thought, 'this will convince Liz'.
Wrong. We still can't agree the size to buy.


Michael said...

Looks great to me... Come on, Liz, go for it!

Cailean Macleod said...

They look like quite 'thin' plastic sea kayaks to me. A couple of fat, glass expeditition style sea kayaks = protusion out on either side. Think Quest, Rockpool and couple of Cetus's?

Douglas Wilcox said...

Simon, I would check the total roof rack load recommended by the car manfacturer. I would guess it's about 75kg which includes the roof rack. The excellent Kari-Tek system is quite heavy so that's 2-3 boats certainly not 4.

Simon said...

Hi Cailean - thanks for that. I hadn't noticed it. Good point.

Douglas - The load on the T5 roof is 120kg. I forget the exact figure now, but rack and boats all added up to precisely 120kg - which is cutting it a bit fine.

I've also been e-mailed by someone who suggested carrying the boats flat on the cradle to reduce the height - a hugely important cost factor when booking ferry space. Given we aim to travel a lot with our boats, that could sway our decision.

BTW - both of you. I've been following your recent posts and I'm deeply envious of the trips you've been managing recently. For one reason or another my road bike has been getting more punishment than the kayak.