Hidden Speed Trap

Can they do this? legally?

Are the operators of speed traps allowed to use their own vehicles to partially obscure the high visability markings on the rear of the speed camera van?

That's what's happened at this one near Tain in northern Scotland. Was it deliberate? I don't know. But since the cameras must be clearly marked, obscuring those markings would seem to be against the spirit if not letter of that regulation.

And I don't yet know if it 'got' me.


Anonymous said...

Where the 'van' is going to be each week is published on the web. www.nscp.co.uk Also circulated to local papers & radio stations via press release. Finally road signs (fixed permanent) from anything between a half to three miles prior to a fixed speed check area.

However don't forgot to look out and keep the right limit at all times as you ever know when or where a road policing or a local beat cop will be dtanding roadside with the handheld speed 'gun'.

Police vehicles have equipment fitted to allow them to measure other vehicles speed and not all police vehicles are 'marked'.

Finally as a motorist who abbides by the Road Traffic Laws you should have nothing to fear ;-)

Simon said...

... all of which is interesting of course.

But I still wonder whether the operator is allowed to park his personal vehicle in such a way as to obscure the high-viz stripes on the back which are required by law?