Seen the light?

How sad am I? I'm actually excited about this box of tricks.

It's a top light for my TV camera, but way better than the one which is standard in our kit. It's a 6 x 8 array of LEDs and runs off just 4 AA batteries.

And boy does it kick out some power! First time I turned it on I nearly seared my retina. I'll be playing this weekend while Liz heads off to a yoga retreat in Spain.

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wideblueyonder said...

Very nice! I have been listening to a Mac related podcast for a while (Macbreak Weekly) hosted by Leo Laporte - he's set up a studio as he videocasts live whilst recording his podcasts ( and he has lit the home studio with a range of LED lights.

Supposed to be very good quality. Hope you have some fun with it this weekend!!