I was woken in the early hours by a loud rumble.  At first I thought a huge truck was climbing the small hill outside our window, which is usually open.  But the window was shut.  And there was no truck.  

Later I overheard two woman talking in the Spar shop in Arisaig. "Did you feel the earthquake", asked one.  Then I caught BBC News for the Highlands, and the 'quake' was second story

Magnitude 3.4 apparently.  Sorry, no photo. 


david, orkney said...

Hi Simon. You mentioned a while ago a four week video course you ere taking. Wondered if you'd mind passing on more details about the course - it looks from your Orkney trip that you found it useful!

Simon said...

Hi David

I still work for the BBC and this was an internal course, run initially in Newcastle, then back at my base in Glasgow.

It meant I could use this sort of kit, which now sits in my car.

It was a superbly practical course in shooting on a Sony Z1 and editing using Avid Express. I'm going to spend much of my time shooting/editing my own material for the BBC until I leave at the end of the year. I spent last week filming and have a piece to go out Wednesday.

I think you have to work for BBC 'Nations and Regions' to get on the course. But there are many others.

BBC Training do run other courses on which anyone can buy a place, such as this:

It's worth a mooch around that website.

A google search throws up lots of people training how to shoot on a Z1.

Hope that's useful. If you want more info let's do it on e-mail.