2 Year Kayak Expedition to Photograph Wildlife

This astonishing image is taken by Daniel Belanger.  

He's embarking on a two-year expedition to snap shots of rarely photographed wildlife.  Much of the trip will be done by kayak.

The first phase will include paddling from Argentina to the Falkland Islands.  

The second phase takes in the Bonin Islands, Japan, Kuril islands and the Aleutian Islands.  

The third phase ambitiously plans to visit South Georgia, Tristin Da Cuna, Prince Edward Island, Crozet, Kerguelen, Heard, Macquarie and Aukland.  (He may well have made up some of those place names.  I've never heard of most.

Read more about the expedition and take a look at his photos.  And if you'd like to hear him speak, there's a rather clever video here.  Click the left hand "ball".


TioKoreti said...

Nice Photo.
Man, that guy must have some big kahunas. Those last 3 islands are a long long way south. There is nothing down their but storms.

Simon said...

I'm please you know where they are! Could be made up names to me. You've prompted me to dig out the atlas and look.

TioKoreti said...

Two are below New Zealand, and Heard Island is between Australia and South Africa, close to Antarctica, in the middle of nowhere! If he is paddling its a long way from home.

Owen said...

For Crozet, Kerguelen and Heard islands you need to read Tilman's sailing books. He was obsessed with getting to these islands; I'm not sure if he ever did get to them all but he had several tries. Fantastic adventures.