Our New Baby is Grey

She's big.  Or she certainly seems big compared to the others in the playground.  Sorry, car park.

She's thirsty too.  Again, that's compared to the one we had before.  But she was much smaller, normal size really, and very economical.

She came with her own rattle.  It's on the roof. KariTek's finest.  

Sadly, Liz is down south looking after her Mum and it'll be next weekend before she sees our new baby.


info said...

She looks lovely!

best wishes to the 3 of you.


Michael said...

Looks just right, Simon. Does it have a pop-up roof, the picture suggests it might?

Simon said...

Thanks. Yep, the roof pops up and, more to the point, stays up even with the roof rack in place. The kayaks would have to come off though.

Erling said...

It looks great, congratulations! Interior shots, please?

Simon said...

Coming soon.

wideblueyonder said...

Oh, now I am insanely jealous!

Adam Bolonsky said...

Hi Simon,
nice looking rig. Volkswagens remind me of Macs: fun to use, well-designed, but prone to frequent mechanical breakdowns.

BTW, with the world economy tanking, gasoline in the US now averages about $1.70 US a gallon, which I guess works out to about one British pound, or perhaps $2.00 euro...

Happy Holidays from the US,
Adam Bolonsky