The Adventure Show - filming on Mull

This is some of the team behind the BBC-2 Scotland TV programme, The Adventure Show.  We're relaxing after an intense day filming Cyclo-cross yesterday at Glengorm Castle, eating sandwiches in the rain.  Glamorous business, television.  This episode goes out in February. 
Not as exhausting or as muddy as actually racing, but believe me, it came close on both counts.  This was my first shoot where I couldn't say, "er, can you do that again".  I had to get it right every time.  

In the rain.  With the rain-cover steaming up.  And the viewing screen.  And the eyepiece.  Point and shoot came into play.  I'll hear soon whether my tapes were as good as a hope or.... well, I don't want to go there.

Here's the presenter of The Adventure Show, Dougie.  Making sure everyone has a warm drink, like a good presenter should.  Just as I used to do.  Hmm.  You know what - I'm living my career backwards!  
I started as a presenter while at University, way back in 1979.  I still occasionally present Newsnight Scotland (my freelance website is  I've produced and directed some pretty 'big' programmes.  But now I'm also working as a cameraman.  And editor.  

Anyone got a brush?  I'll do that too.

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