Deep and Crusty and Blown

Our regular local hill repulsed us Saturday.

The track I've run hundreds of times was best tackled on ice skates.  Which we didn't have. 

Snow compressed by farmers in 4X4s feeding their stock, then subjected to freeze/thaw cycle, was un-walkable.  We made slow progress through the poached, tussocky ground either side.

Further up, the snow was piled pretty deep.  The crust, just strong enough to lure you into thinking you were safe on top.  A knee wrenching plunge into a hidden hole was only a couple of steps away.  

We left Ben Resipole for another day.


Anonymous said...

What thaw? (until Sunday that is)

Erling said...

You might think this is perfect preparation for Easter, but it isn't. Then you'll be gliding elegantly along on top of the white stuff.