Our Cold Thirsty Baby

After filling up for the second time I've worked out our big, grey baby does 26 miles per gallon. Which is awful for a car. But then, it's not a car. It's a mobile house. We need to change our way of thinking.

For those of you who wanted to see inside, here are a few snaps. She's awfully bare right now. (The van, that is, not Liz. Liz is swaddled against the elements.) We'll fit personalise her in a few days with bits and pieces, and then she's migrating south for Christmas.

The poor deal is getting frozen by this cold snap. Her tap fell off! It's just a push-on spout, or in this case, push-off. Ice had formed behind it and expanded. Fortunately all the water pipes are rubber and expand as I didn't have time to drain the system before these sub-zero days arrived.

So there she is. I have no doubt I'll bore you with many more tales in the years to come.


wideblueyonder said...

Feelings of jealousy continue!

Michael said...

I agree that the gas mileage seems low. I would have expected something in the 30's... Interesting also to see they move the 'kitchen' module over to the right hand side in the British version. We get it on the left side no doubt due to the side door entry. I'm sure you'll have many happy trips aboard her!