You Never Know Who Is Reading

Sitting in a nice B&B in Elgin on the "nose" of Scotland tucking into
breakfast. Curiously, Radio Wales is playing, albeit a crackly signal.
Very odd.

I'm making a series of films about responses to the economic dowturn
and talking to businesses which can offer advice.

When they agree to take part in filming first thing most do is Google
"Simon Willis". They end up here.

So if I'm seeing you in the next few days then "welcome to my other
life". Feel free to check out the links to other websites I run down
the right-side of this page.

3 comments: said...

Hmmm. Looks like a much nice breakfast than my boring old cereal. I think I prefer your life today! Fi

Anonymous said...

I married a woman from Elgin. I advise you to escape whilst you can.

Mark R

wideblueyonder said...

Ok - bodding around Scotland filming people like Doug Cooper or sitting in B&B's with cooked breakfasts - yep I agree with Fi - I want your life (rather than teaching 9.3 lesson 1 today!!)

@Mark R: LOL!! You could be sleeping on the couch tonight making comments like that :-)