Name Wanted for Baby Cow

It was a two hour labour.  Liz was there taking photos.  Our crofter friends Bill & Sukie did some tugging.  Then Dee-Dee's calf came into a snowy world.

She's a girl so she'll stick around longer than previous boys.

Now she needs a name, especially after research which showed named cows give more milk than un-named cows.  Anony-moos cows, you might say.

Her name has to start with the letter "D".  Suggestions will be passed on to Mum.


Erling said...

As there are quite a few Viking place names in your surroundings, how about a Norwegian cow name? The currently and traditionally most popular one (a true fact!) is "Dagros".

Anonymous said...

'Medium Rare'.

Mark R

wideblueyonder said...

Deshera - taken from Goddess Hera, who according to Greek Mythology spilt her breast milk after refusing to feed Hercules, resulting in the Milky Way!

From Wikipedia: "One account of the origin of the Milky Way is that Zeus had tricked Hera into nursing the infant Heracles: discovering who he was, she pulled him from her breast, and a spurt of her milk formed the smear across the sky that can be seen to this day."

Anonymous said...

Surely it has to be 'Daisy'.