A Sparrow Hawk in the Conservatory

"You missed our visitor", Liz told me as I staggered in from my 13 mile run.  Then she showed me this photo.

We keep the conservatory door open and have had quite a few birds flying in, mainly chaffinches, to grab a beak-full of the seeds we put out for them.

This Sparrow Hawk had made himself comfortable on top the seed bucket.  At least, I think it's a Sparrow Hawk.  Certainly no chaffinch would dare approach.

Apparently there was a lot of tweeting from all the other birds as our large visitor made his way out of the door.

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wideblueyonder said...

"Staggered in from my 13 mile run....."
....looks at increasing waistline and diminishing quads and feels inadequate :-)