Wanted - Island Caretaker

It's advertised as 'The Best Job In The World'.  Caretaker for an island that is part of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.  Applicants must make a sixty second video saying why they want the job.

My American friend Scott, who now lives on Vancouver Island, has done just that.  If you watch it, he'll move higher up the viewing list and might get through to the next stage of the selection procedure.

We met Rachel and Scott while hiking the 2,658 mile long Pacific Crest Trail in 2002.  Like us, they were blogging as they wrote, although in those days we called it an 'internet journal'. Here's ours, now tidied up.  We stayed in Vancouver with Rachel's parents when we finished our walk.

After moving to Vancouver Island they've finally bought a couple of sea kayaks and are getting out exploring the coast.  Something they'll find rather handy if Scott gets this job down under.

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stk said...

Simon (& Liz) ...

Cheers! Thanks for the helping further our "Down Under" cause! We're really thrilled to have a shot at the 'Island Caretaker' position.

I'm not 100% certain a YouTube view counts, as *I think* visitors must view it on the IslandReefJob website using this link:


Looking forward to reading your book, when it's out and taking a turn at the Scottish Sea-Kayaking Trail. (Now all we need to do is figure out how to get the kayaks checked thru airline baggage!)


PS - Oddly enough, that kayaking article about DeCourcy Island is featured briefly in our 60-second video. :p