Book Layout - Scottish Sea Kayak Trail

I'm not sure if I'm meant to share this kind of information. It's really behind the scenes stuff.
Pete and Franco at Pesda Press have come up with a layout for the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail book which is a little different to their existing guides.  Closer to a Rough Guide I'd say.

Two columns with full page box-out for the asides on history and out story.  There's a neat reference marker down the margin so you can see where you are on the pages.

They also want to create yet another box out.  I've been asked to pull all the facilities information (shops, busses etc) out of the body of the description and put it in its own area.  

Of course it's the correct approach.  I kick myself for not thinking of it earlier.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, When is the book due out? I planning on covering some of the same area from the end of MAy this year and wouldnt mind a read. Tonyp

Simon said...

Hi Tony
We're aiming for 12th May and hope to launch it at the Skye Symposium. The reality might be different however...

Hans Heupink said...

Hello Simon!
Page 368 (and even more!)? That's going to be a giant book, very impressive!

Simon said...

Hi Hans

Not sure the page numbering on this is accurate! This is just for layout, not proof. That's the next stage.

It's going to be around 158 pages, about the size of Scottish Canoe Classics. Or so I'm told.

Wenley said...

Very nice layout, no doubt. Now, as an author you need ideas for the back cover. My advice is to go back to basics: Walking along a Harris beach, ruffled hair and all with a black Labrador at your lap sort of thing.
I look forward to buying a copy.
Good luck!

Simon said...

Thanks Wenley, I think I have just the shot. But I'm no author - just a hack.

Incidentally, I can't wait to read your opus in OP. I'm sitting in the house where they still talk about"Wenley's gatepost". Is that mentioned? ;-)

Very best regards

Wenley said...

Simon, It suits me right for leaving witnesses behind... :)