Scottish Symposium - Contributors

Officially the list of contributors to the Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium on Skye is not yet confirmed.  Unofficially, it's going to be a great place to learn to roll.

Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson will have people spinning in their kayaks, day in day out.   Photo by John Madere.   

Cheri won a dozen gold medals in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships and also teaches yoga for kayaking.  (Liz will be at that session I guarantee!)  Turner is only a little way behind with six gold medals.  He'll be in Skye earlier to run a boat building course.

They have an interesting website with quite a few videos of their rolls.  Browsing it is an enjoyable way to dodge work for a few minutes.   

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Michael said...

Taking one of their courses - or just hanging out - with them is an even better way to dodge some work! I recommend them both!