Sea Kayak DVD - Coverage

It's not even shot yet and I've had the first order for the first Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown DVD.  I kid you not!
Gordon and I decided we could do this two ways.  We could either work on this project in secret until someone saw us, and only those in 'the loop' would know what we were up to.  Or we could go public months ahead of time.  

Obviously we took the latter course.  Werner have put it on their blog and others are writing about it elsewhere.  (Thanks folks).

For now though I'm concentrating on finalising publicity for the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail book.  A mock-up of the cover should be available on the Pesda Press stand at the Nottingham Paddlefest this weekend.

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Canadian Tourism said...

Just found this site via another, and the DVD looks great.

I think you'd get a kick out of this video showing what it can be like to go for a paddle on the coast just outside of Vancouver.