Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown - the DVDs

His book continues to sell phenomenally well, so we've decided to produce instructional DVDs to compliment it.

Two years in the planning and shot entirely on the Isle of Skye, the first of the DVDs will be Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.  Like the book it will be aimed at intermediate and advanced sea kayakers.

It will combine the narrative of a multi-day expedition along the coast of this spectacular island with Gordon's unique and effective style of coaching.  

The instructional sequences, many of which are already shot, show progression from calm water to rough, with Gordon explaining the refinements needed to cope with the changing conditions.  The first DVD will concentrate on paddling techniques.  Rescues, towing and more will come in subsequent productions.

As the person shooting it I admit to being initially overwhelmed by the technical challenges.  However, I'm delighted with the results so far and we'll be showing some of the material at the Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium in May.  Reviews already!


Wenley said...

Hi Simon,

What a good idea! Paddling techniques to start with seems like a superb start.

Let us know when the first DVDs are available for pre-order.

wideblueyonder said...

Soooooo excited about this! Such a fan of the book and would love access to coaching of this calibre but prevented by the 700 mile journey that would be involved. Having a DVD I could replay over and over then try out on the water.

My next thought as a geek paddler is copy of DVD imported onto iphone (in a waterproof case) attached to deck to view and practice on water!!! (Only issue there is the copyright issue of placing copy onto iPhone)