National Geographic Adventure Article - 'Will Paddle for Whisky'

Sea kayaking around Jura and Islay linking distilleries.

Organised by Tony Hammock of it's a good read. And very good publicity for Tony. 

From Crinan they go through the Gulf of Corryvreckan and... well, you read it. Photograph by David Leathborough.

Here the author Andrew Todhunter writes about hiking to one of the raised beaches on the remote north coast of Jura.

Before dinner, I rallied some strength to hike up through a field of fern and bog cotton to inspect one of those raised beaches, a hundred-yard-long swath of packed stones piled steeply into a well-defined wall. Could the wind have blown them into such a sharp ridge, I wondered, given enough time? Not stones of that size—nothing could have formed this but the pounding waves. This wall, I realized, had been beaten into shape by storms that struck the beach more than 10,000 years before Christ, more than 7,000 years before Khufu built the Great Pyramid. The stones had sat this way ever since, unneeded and thus undisturbed for more than 400 generations. I picked one up, weighed it in my hand, and set it carefully back in place.

Good stuff.

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