Scott Aspect 10 MTB

I felt naked without a mountain bike.  

This was a good excuse to go and replace the old Orange X2 which died on the mountain.  (It would have wanted to go that way).

The Scott Aspect 10 is, in many ways, an inferior bike.  It was certainly cheaper, and I bought the Orange over 15 years ago!

But then I'm an inferior rider nowardays.  I was part of an informal team that blazed challenging multi-day routes across Scotland, long before other mountain bikers got there.  I was the one who photographed and write up the routes / stories for MBUK.  Those days seem to be over, replaced by sea kayaking.

Still, I hope we'll have many miles together. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon- was this the same Orange bike made famous in you C-2-C documentary for Sustrans? I realy enjoyed that & still watch it before making my anual pigrimage on the Coast To Coast route.

Thanks for the memories! John Rutherford.

Simon said...

Hi John

No, thank YOU for the memories. You must have bought the other copy...

Actually, no. That red one, the Clockwork Orange, is still doing well and is locked up in the shed. It was my commute bike in Glasgow, so it has road tyres, rack and mudguards now.

Since I don't commute any longer it's not getting much use, but we're hanging onto it as it's a damn good hybrid tourer.

Ahh the memories of that video. You can tell which 'take' it was by the speed I went up each hill. If you're interested, I wrote about making that video here:

All the best and thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

That bike has earned it's rest & deserves to be preserved Simon, as does your video. I've had my copy for about 10 years & I think it is a timeless piece that anyone thinking about doing the C-2-C should try to get hold of. Have had to transfer it to DVD to save wear & tear on the original! Anyway, its great to hear from you & I wish you all possible success for the future. Keep up the good work.
Kind regards John R.