House Concert with Laura Cortese

This is Laura Cortese, a wonderful musician from New England who is currently touring Scotland and England.

This afternoon she and her band were playing at a friend's house.

I say 'house' but actually it's a recording studio, Watercolour Music in Ardgour, here on the Ardnamurchan peninnsular. It's run by Mary Ann Kennedy and her husband Nick Turner who in the last few months have become friends of ours.

They had the idea to start 'house concerts', something I believe is popular among musos in the US. If they have a big house.

With just eighteen invited friends it was a cosy, intimate affair. Had we been able to predict the weather it could even have been held outdoors.

As it was, the sound was superb and the music first class. We left with a CD from Laura and one by guitarist Jefferson Hamer.

With their first house concert, Mary and Nick have set a high standard which will be a challenge to beat. IFuture events will be hosted in their new studio, currently being built in Cona Glen.

I hope we're invited to more!

It makes living here in 'the wilds', as some people see them, all the more special when such creative people come to share their gifts.

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Michael said...

I went to my first 'House Concert' this past winter. It featured a singer/song-writer from Prince Edward Island and was a nice cozy way to hear and meet new talent. I'm happy to learn the idea is spreading your way!