My First Triathlon. Done.

Goodness they have nice facilities at Eton College! 400m open water swim in the lake where David Cameron may have practiced his skulling. I'm a poor swimmer and surprised myself by finishing that leg around mid-pack.
Cycling was going to be my thing. I dropped onto the big chainring and just went for it. 20km is the distance of our usual training ride, a climb to the cattlegrid in Glen Tarbert. This 20km was flat, but with a killer headwind down the long back straight. Still, 4 laps of the rowing lake flew past and felt like relatively easy riding compared to Ardnamurchan's hills.
My transitions went remarkably well considering I'd never done this before but the 5km run felt tough. Two laps of an out-and-back course up the side of the rowing lake. A much shorter distance than I normally run but at a faster pace.
No results are published yet, and I didn't have a watch, but I'm guessing I was around 1hr 18min. If Liz counted correctly I was 7th out of T2 for my age group, and I think I was overtaken twice by my age group runners. We'll see how I fared against the other "super vets".
edit - my timing chip seems to have failed - I'm not in the results!
Would I do it again? Possibly. But right now I'm keen to do more sea kayaking and don't want training to get in the way. The programme for the Skye Symposium came through this morning- more on that later.
It was fun though...


wideblueyonder said...

Congrats Simon & Liz - well done! I acted as support for a Uni friend last summer who having done a couple of sprint triathalons signed up for the Forestman based in the New Forest - take a look at the website - you could be on a slippery slope!

John Manning said...

Blimey, well done! Genuinely impressed.

I had to run quarter of a mile to reach Aviemore post office before it closed recently, and almost collapsed! Got there at 4.59pm, too breathless to speak, only to find the PO closed at 5.30pm. Ho hum!

Is it true that you're in line to be the next cover star on Men's Health mag?

Simon said...

That cover news is meant to be top secret! You journalists find out everything ;-)

I'm guessing you were doing the TGO Challenge - hope it went well. Or perhaps you were just taking a break from being a new Dad.

Cheers John