Finally my Nordkapp has a name.
Suggested by Erling when we were skiing earlier this year, it's Njord, the Norwegian God whose domain is the sea.  Njord is not unlike Neptune.

The boat spent its first few years of life with 'Scottish Kayak Trail' down one side. It was demeaning, Liz insisted, to use a fine boat as an advertising hoarding.

Then Pesda Press changed the name of the book to Scottish Sea Kayak Trail, and P&H loaned us two excellent Cetus to paddle the route, so the sticker had to go.


Anonymous said...

Here is a link for some typographic inspiration on this name, on a website I recently visited by chance http://restaurantnjord.de/.
I thought it would be the Danish word for "north".
Do you think kayaks really need names like vessels? I do actually think about to apply one on mine - still it carries the "Bahiya" namestickers on it's sides, which I regard as a boat name was well.
Regards from Germany, Sebastian

Simon said...

Thanks Sebastian, I'll take a read.

Do boats need names? Probably not. But perhaps some of us have a need to name boats...

Anonymous said...

Hello Simon,
good answer:).
One could extend this: what about giving names to bicycles, cars, or houses (like in the Netherlands) etc.? Don't take this comment too serious - I wish you lots of sea mileage with your new/old "Njord".
p.s. You pic-compilation of the scottish sea kayak symposium is just great. I especially like the pics of the "aliens" in their neopren-tuiliqs.