Kayak to Faroes - 11pm Tuesday

Patrick and Mick are 50 km north of North Rona, one sixth of the way
to the Faroes.

They're settling down with their sleep system for two hours then
pressing on. They feel strong, the weather is good, and this might be
their only attempted sleep-stop. They may kayak right through tomorrow
night and arrive in the early hours of Friday.

All this felt weird because, after a very late start, we just pitched
camp on the Siamt Islands when the phone rang.

Bizzarely, there's a large group of people here, working through the
night to trap storm petrels in nets and ring them. They are being
lured in with amplified recordings so we've had to set up camp well
away from thx loudspeakers.

I bet Patrick and Mick are feeling more isolated!

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