Kayak to Faroes - Patrick & Mick left Butt of Lewis

05:30 Monday they left with dawn braking. Beautiful spot. They should
be on North Rona Mon night after the first huge crossing, only rarely

They have water purification this time, as bad water in Rona ended
their previous attempt last year.

They would like one day rest in Rona but fear the wind could swing to
north by Friday giving them a difficult arrival into the Faroes.

So their key decision will come after they get a forecast by Sat phone
tonight. Can they afford the time to rest Tuesday, or with a north
wind threatening, do they push on?

A three - day, two- night crossing immediately after an 80km crossing
(Lewis to Rona) will be exceptionally draining.

Oh, and when they arrive they probably won't be able to walk.

You can see where they are right now with their Spot locator. Www.paddlefaroes.com
and go to 'our progress'

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