Final Proof Copy - Scottish Sea Kayak Trail

So this is the final proof of my book, the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail.

I think I'm meant to initial each page to say I'm happy with it, then return the whole thing as a hostage to fortune. When someone finds mistakes, those signatures mean it's my head on the block, no one elses. Fair enough.

I spent yesterday afternoon checking phone numbers. An astonishing number have changed since I wrote the book. I thought it was finished last August!

Tourist Information Centres have closed or changed their numbers too. And I still find the occasional inconsistency or typo. So I can't sign off every page, but most are ready to go. Once Liz gives it her approval.

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kayakr said...


I'm looking forward to see your book. I'm going to Wales to get some tidal race training this fall and will hopefully come to Scotland next year :) Then your book will come in handy!