Helping to Raise my Friend's Mast. On Winkle.

It sounds like I'm using some odd sexual euphamism. I'm not.

Allister's new (second hand) boat is a Corbee called 'Winkle'. Having brought it up from the south coast to a new home on Scotland's west coast, he needed help raising the mast. It's temporarily going into Arisaig harbour until he can secure a mooring somewhere else.

With much huffing and puffing we almost had it up. Then a passer-by picked up the wind-finder and said, "er, shouldn't this go ontop?"

It had been. It must have fallen off. Down came the mast, on went the little needle, and up went the mast again. Much quicker this time around. Hopefully, he and Jo will get out to sea in her later this week and then we might join them at the weekend.

I can't wait to play with his 'Winkle'.

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