Kayak to Faroes - 5 pm coversation

Just recorded phone call with Mick and Patrick.

They estimate 45 nm to go but their progress is down to 2kn due to
unforecast wind. As we spoke they were inside their sleep system,
sheltering from a F5-6 wind which was making them rather wet.

Both sound very tired to me. Patrick reckons the muscles ache a bit
but he's prone to understatement! I've told them how many people
around the world are following their progress and cheering them on.

Patrick said they have some route decisions to make. At one stage he
also said they must decide whether to stick to their routine of eating
and resting each hour, or just pressing on. Then he said they really
should stick to the routine as they don't wish to become utterly
fatigued as they approach the difficult tides around the Faroes. I
told him that made good sense to me.

I asked mentally how they were feeling, and was told "no problems
there. Mick is still making me laugh. In fact we just had a very
entertaining toilet stop".

They're going to make it!

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