Scottish Sea Kayak Trail - now 10th August

After reading Cailean's blog, I looked at the Pesda Press website.

I discovered that my book is now due out on the 10th August. News to me! Somewhat later than anticipated, but I'm determined to make sure all the details are correct.

For example, I just discovered today that the 'official' campsite on Gigha, at the start of the trail, is no longer free.

Last year we left a £5 returnable deposit at the Gigha Hotel. Now you pay £3 per person per night to the neighbouring Boathouse Cafe. The owners tell me they're putting the funds towards better toilet and shower facilities.

I know it's a truism that any guidebook will be out of date before it's published. That is why I set up the I can update it, but more importantly, people who kayak the trail and in the area can share their knowledge of changes. But I'm still hoping to make the book as up-to-date as possible. And still hit 10th August!

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