Shiant Islands and More

We managed a late night crossing to the lovely Shiant Islands during our three weeks on the Outer Hebrides.

In fact, we managed quite a few routes, so I've added an Outer Hebrides page to

Expecting tranquility on the Shiants, we were far from alone. A team from the British Trust for Ornithology were there for two weeks. Through out the hours of darkness they were playing, very loudly, a looped recording of a Storm Petrel.

This was an attempt to lure the small birds into a net where they were bagged, ringed, recorded and then released.

Made for fascinating video which I'll eventually edit. Surprisingly, we slept throught the whole thihng.

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kayakr said...

Hi! I have started to follow your blog and I'm enjoying it. Three weeks kayaking on the Outer Hebrides sounds great! Maybe next year :)