They are there

Safe well and heading for a shower


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant!

Alan said...

Hi Simon - that's fantastic - looking forward to hearing more from Patrick and Mick in due course. By the way, do you know when they're planning to paddle back..............?



Douglas Wilcox said...

Back?? What about Iceland! :o)

What an achievement, well done Patrick and Mick!

Richard said...

Fantastic! Well done to Patrick and Mick and thank you Simon for the updates

Anonymous said...

Inspirational! well done Patrick & Mick

highland said...

What a relief!

philbarber said...

Well done for hanging it together in a lightning crysis.

Ive just had a call from Val (mike partner) and Ive just announced it on BBC west midlands radio.

I need food, alcohol, sleep.

What an achievement, what a day.
Phil Barber

Simon said...

Thanks for the comments guys - check out the Podcast. Bloody amazing trip!