DVD Release Date - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

We hope to release the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown on 1st November 2009 priced £19.95.

Preview copies have been posted to reviewers and the menu structure is being created by someone who knows more about authroing DVDs than I do.

We hope to premier a cut-down version of the DVD at the Scottish Canoe Association Paddle '09 event in Perth 24/25 October. If things go to plan we'll have some early copies to sell at a special price.

In the run up to the event, I'll release a series of short films and excerpts from the main DVD on this site and also as Video Podcasts at SeaKayakRoutes.com. If you don't want to miss them, you can subscribe free now.

Initially, only a PAL version will be made, with an NTSC copy for the US and Canada to follow soon.


Wenley said...

Hello Simon,

As usual, a great idea. It would be interesting to know what does the DVD cover and its duration.

When will the DVD be available for pre-orders?


Simon said...

Hi Wenley

I haven't seen the first draft of the cover yet, but I'll post a b;log entry when I receive it. It's being done by Pete at Pesda Press who made a sup[erb job of laying out my book.

The website for orders should go live early October.

There's around 90 minutes on the DVD.


Brett said...


Will this video be released in the US at the same time as the UK?




I think Wenley meant what skills will the dvd cover.

Simon said...

Hi Brett
Sadly it won't be released in the US at the same time, but it won't be far behind.

In fact, just thirty minutes ago I agreed a US release date of 1st December with the US distributors.

That's what we'll aim for at least!

I missed that part of Wenley's comment -I'll do a separate blog entry tomorrow with all the details. Thanks for point out that omission.