The First Review of Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

I confess, I've been nervous.

I posted the review copies of the DVD to magazines, bloggers and kayakers whose opinions I value, then sat back to wait for the comments.

I'm delighted to say Douglas Wilcox has been the first to publish a review, and it sound as if he likes it. A lot. Please read it.

Douglas has also taken lots of video grabs from the DVD, far more than I sent him. Well done for that.

It's rather odd to be confonted with someone else's detailed analysis of your work. He picked up on all the things I knew were good - Gordon's coaching; the clear radio-mic sound in rough seas; the slow-motion shots from unique but helpful angles.

However, Douglas found far more in the DVD than I anticipated, especially the relationship between me and Gordon. (We are still speaking!) Ahh to see ourselves as others see us.

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Fiona said...

Great review. I can't wait to buy the DVD now!