Premier - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

The Scottish Premier of our DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown will be the opening event of Paddle '09.

It will kick off at 11am on Saturday 24th October at the Bell's Sports Centre in Perth.

We'll show a 35 minute long 'highlights' version which I'm still editing. After that, I'm hoping I can persuade Gordon to take some questions. We'll also sell the £19.95 DVD at a special introductory price.

I'm also down to take a workshop on my book, The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail. That's on the following day, Sunday 25th October at 14.00.

Hope to see you there.

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Erling said...

Huge congratulations with both book and DVD, Simon - and good luck with opening the show! Sounds like it's a busy life being a freelancer/self employed.