Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown - website

So we have the website where we're going to sell the DVD.

If you go there now you just see this holding page, but the excellent team at WideBlueYonder (ie Duncan) who run the Solent Sea Kayaking blog are working behind the scenes.

We'll have a page where you can buy PAL versions of the DVD for Europe (and much of the world) and a page for NTSC versions for USA Canada and Japan. The NTSC versions will, we hope, be made in and shipped directly from the USA.

You'll notice the photo is from the cover of Gordon's best selling book. Pesda Press kindly gave us the go-ahead to use the image (which is Gordon's photo) and are also helping with box design.

A rough copy is now with a highly experienced Executive Producer for his input. Frankly, I'm terrified he's going to suggest major changes! Having cleared all the music, found people to author the complex menus, replicate and box up the final product, the last thing I want to do is a re-edit. But if it makes it better I will.

We're also waiting for graphics. I've commissioned maps from a colleage I used to work with at the BBC. These will guide viewers through our journey up the west coast of Skye.

So for all these reasons we're hesitant about announcing a release date yet. We have a provisional date to which we're working, one which coincides with a big kayak show, but we're not shouting about that just yet.

We're simply keeping our fingers crossed and learning a lot about the DVD business.

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