DVD Preview Comments - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Preview copies of the DVD were sent out to some respected coaches, kayakers and reviewers. I'll keep the (very few) negative comments to myself and learn from them. But here are a selection of the more positive thoughts. A huge 'thank you' to all who contributed.

"Dynamic coaching in inspiring scenery. Gordon shows strokes in calm conditions followed by 'oh my god' conditions, displaying the same techniques in both" Justine Curgenven / This Is The Sea

"A perfect blend of education and action which allows paddlers of all levels to pick up inspirational tips." Bryan Smith / Pacific Horizons, Eastern Horizons

“It's awesome. The concept is original, yet is how sea coaching happens in real life - to put it as a DVD package is fantastic.” Doug Cooper, Head of Paddlesport at Glenmore Lodge, Scotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre

“Fantastic...less like a textbook and more like a documentary" PaddlingInstructor.com

“A DVD to watch time and again...for both education and inspiration" SeaPaddler.co.uk

"I sat in front of my TV, in a play boat, and learned more about boat handling skills than I have done over the last 5000 miles.” Patrick Winterton / Extreme kayaker

“A new standard for sports technique videos" Ocean Paddler Magazine

"Open your mind to a whole new level of sea kayaking.” SeaKayakPhoto.com

“Great photography, scenery and commentary” Franco Ferrero / Pesda Press

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