Naxos Kitesurf Centre

I'm still not sure how it happened. We were heading down from the highest mountain in tfe Cyclades, named Zeus after the boss-god who grew up here.  Where to go next we wondered?  Three hours waiting for a bus and we were still wondering. Bouncing down the track that passes for a coast road in the first rental car for which I've actually felt sorry, and we were still wondering. Then we came across this place. 

A kitesurf centre with b&b alongside (it's not a hotel!) and populated by kitsurfers from all over Europe. Leave aside the surfer-dude mentality, ability and physiques, all of which are somewhat intimidating, this id a genuinely nice spot.  With good food in nearby Tavernas.

So we're staying, probably for another week, until it's time to begin the trek home.

As for the kitesurfing, I might be tempted. Although that old skiing injury is starting to niggle....

Hotel Orkos Beach

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