Sea Kayak Antiparos

This isn't a kayaking holiday, more of a holiday on which we're doing some kayaking. May and June are the better months here, as the wind is now a little strong. Still, we circumnavigated the island yesterday and a neighbouring island the day before. Longer trips are possible, including some tempting open crossings, but these would require more stable wind and weather so will have to wait for another year.

We rented two Prjon kayaks from Vassilis and stayed at his excellent B&B for four nights. Having brought an ultralight tent we were determined to camp and only just managed to do so last night at the end of our trip around Antiparos. The tent is a 'Rainbow 2' by Henry Shires and was needed to keep off the rain.

Now we're heading to the hills. We fancy a hike up the highest peak in the Cycladic Islands, Mount Zia (or 'Zeus'). We've two ferries to catch to get there and then a bus into the mountains.

We have no idea how long we'll be there. If the mood takes us we might continue on to Milos and more kayaking perhaps. We'll see.

It's nice to have no firm plans. Very unusual for someone like me, but extraordinarily liberating.

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Julia said...

now that's impressive, kayaking in Greece while simultaneously popping up on Newsnight Scotland reporting on how companies are dealing with recession... now where can I get a job like that?!