Sea Kayak Venice - in The Guardian

Congratulations to René Seindal for getting his Venice Kayak business into The Guardian newspaper.

Here's a great article by Teresa Machan who clearly had a great time. I've always thought this would make a superb travel article so I'm please someone has written it.

Teresa writes "Unlikely though Venice by kayak sounds, it really is possible. My fellow kayaker Brian, the most diminutive and softly spoken Texan one could hope to meet – and who had never set foot in a kayak before – was living proof that a sense of adventure and an affinity with water counts far more than bulging biceps (although you might have them by the time you've finished). But don't just rock up with an inflatable, as some fools have done. Go with someone who knows and respects the city, understands the vagaries of its weather and tides and, most importantly, obeys the waterways' unwritten rules."

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