116 Copies Left & Good Reviews -DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

This is how I'm to be found most of the day - clutching white bubble-wrap bags, posting out DVDs.

There's a thread on the UK Sea Kayak Guidebook Forum where folk are discussing the content of the DVD. It appears there is some question about availability, so I posted an entry which I've copied below.

05:30 am edit - now have 116 left.

As of 16:26 Tuesday 27 October I have 125 copies left. My next batch go into production tomorrow with scheduled delivery on 16th November. If I run out, I'll continue taking orders and fulfill them asap.

Because of the postal strike, if you are thinking of ordering soon, please could you do so before 11.30am Wednesday 28th (probably today when you read this).

On Wednesday I'll make a special trip to Fort William post office to dispatch all outstanding orders. That PO is bigger and faster than our little village PO (where the queues behind me have occasionally snaked out of the door into the road).

Dispatching them on Wednesday will give a fighting chance of getting the DVDs to you before the postal backlog starts - that is, if the Thur-Sat strike goes ahead. I'm still offering free shipping.

Today the counter staff told me Special Delivery is back to it's usual overnight service. So if you pay the extra £4.95 for that priority service it should reach you even quicker. It's more hassle for me than just sticking a stamp on the envelope, but if you want it, I'll do it.

The only UK retailers who have copies are: Reed Chillcheater (though I can't see it on their website), Stirling Canoes (likewise with website), and KariTek all of whom were quick enough to grab a handful when I saw them at Perth.

Sadly, no other UK retailer is likely to have them until the end of November.

Internationally - God Tur in Norway, Seakayak ApS in Denmark, Expedition Kayaks in Australia, and Escape KajakCentre and Horizont Kajak in Sweden all have copies as they were fast off the mark.

Sorry - make that 123copies left. In the space of writing this entry...


Anonymous said...

Simon your looking more like " The Edge" very picture you post!
Looks Good!

Simon said...

A rather more polite comment than Rowland managed at Paddle 09. Actually, his wasn't really a comment - he just pointed and laughed. Well, he is a walrus.

Liz wasn't much better. She offered mascara and some eyebrow pencil to fill-in the missing bits.

I seems I'm just not a busy, sea-kayaker type...