£19.95 DVDs for £18 at Paddle '09 This Weekend

Because of the postal strike I know some people are waiting to buy the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown at the Paddle 09 event at Perth tomorrow and Sunday. The premier is the opening event of the show at 11:00 am tomorrow in the Coaching Hall, not the Main Hall.

As you can see, we're doing a good deal on the price!

If you are coming and think might plan to buy one, please bring the correct money in cash. We will have some change, but we won't have visa facilities. Other than an agonisingly slow computer link to PayPal.

What's more, we only have 100 DVDs. 300 more were meant to be delivered Wednesday, then yesterday, and now... well, it could be Monday. Which means it'll take ages for ths DVD to appear in the shops.

Hopefully they'll have them for Christmas. But if you want to be sure, you know where we are. Download the floorplan and our location by right clicking and saving from here.

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