Breaking the First Rule of PR - Stick to One Story

Simple. Keep the story simple. Sub plots, twists and last minute revelations work in novels and screenplays, but not in journalism.

And, as I tell the folk to whom I occasionally teach 'managing the media', you must think like a journalist when seeking publicity and writing a press release. Keep it simple.


Here I am, due to publishing delays, trying to promote a book and a DVD at the same time. It really is tricky.

Some newspapers were obviously going to be interested in the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail more than a specialist kayak coaching DVD. But what about magazines like TGO-The Great Outdoors? What about Scotland Outdoors? I suppose I'll discover in time.

Just incase you'd like to read them, here are the Press Releases for Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown and The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail.

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