DVD - Last Day to Buy to Avoid Postal Strike

Order the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown before 11:30 Tuesday and I'll get it in the post to you on the same day.

That means it should avoid the Postal Strike, due to start on Thursday. At the ordering stage you can chose a priority order too.

Meanwhile, another satisfied sea kayaker has written with a few kind comments:

"It arrived on my day off work, so it gave me a chance to view it a couple of times. I am very impressed by the quality of the filming, the different angles help understanding the moves especially with the forward paddling seeing front and back etc. . The coaching by Gordon Brown is excellent - it makes it look so easy. I have Gordon's book but reading about a manoeuvre is not the same for me as seeing the move being executed by Gordon.

The journey section shows how beautiful the Isle of Skye is and should be used by the tourist board to promote seakayaking in Scotland - what a great place when the weather is on your side." JP

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