KayakQuixotica Reviews DVD - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Of all the sea kayaking blogs I read, one of the most entertaining and thought provoking is KayakQuixotica by Derrick Mayoleth.

It is also one of the most widely read. So it was with a certain trepedation I sent Derrick a preview copy of the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

Those early copies were not quite up to the technical standard of the retail version. Nor did they have the fully functional menu which is essential to the way we constructed the DVD.

I've picked out two comments: "Sea Kayak will be the DVD I recommend to my students going forward." "It is simply a DVD that will help you become a better paddler. That’s it."


Anonymous said...

Saw your note 'Volume 2 being planned this weekend' on Derrick;s blog, is it possible that will be ready this time next year? I hope so.

Simon said...

Hi Graeme

Initially it was the plan to have Volume 2 for 2010. Now I feel it's more likely to be the following Christmas, but I can't be certain.

Volume 2 will involve a lot more rough water filming. It's surprisingly difficult to co-ordinate people, filming, weather and sea conditions. Well, perhaps not that surprising really.

We had a simple approach to this DVD.

Unless our material was exactly as we envisaged, or better, then we wouldn't release it. Too many productions have bits in them which are ho-hum. The sequences didn't work out exactly as was wanted, but hey, it's only a DVD.

We shot the coaching first (started Feb 2010) and only when we were happy with the results did we announce that we were making the DVD.

You should see how many tapes I have in my cupboard of sequences we shot again. And again.

I hope we'll start filming Volume 2 later this month, and it too will have a different feel to other coaching DVDs. But as I say, it can be exceptionally difficult to get on the water, with the right team in exactly the right rough conditions - especially when we all have to earn a living too.

I suspect that's probably a longer answer than you expected!

The short answer is, hopefully, Christmas 2011. But I don't really know.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for that. I've got plenty to practice in the mean time. Good luck with the second one.